“From our initial meeting with Digital Lighthouse introducing their Digital Marketing System through to the Time of going live we have been impressed with the efficiency of the process, the attention to detail and High level of communication with ourselves each step of the way. The team at Digital Lighthouse have bent over Backwards to answer our questions and offer advice on what actions we needed to take and when and why. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with the team.” Diana Beckinsale
“Digital Lighthouse has allowed us to make a quantum leap forward in online marketing.” Stephanie Booth
“I had a lack of direction and knowledge when it came to advertising. When I saw the complete digital marketing system, it made sense to me, as the marketing used to attract me is the same method I would be using. The knowledge I have gained so far is invaluable” Ryan Hole
“If you are looking for a company that can bring all the strands of marketing together and make it work effectively for your business, then this company, and their team of people, are the first place to go to. Digital Lighthouse has been very helpful, responsive and willing to discuss any feedback I have had. They have also been very prompt whenever I have requested a call back. Their knowledge and expertise of marketing have put together a coordinated marketing program. It combines all the elements of online marketing, including social media, that will help me grow my business and build something of great value” David Roberts
“When we decided to 'take the digital lighthouse plunge' one of the clinching factors was your commitment: '... and you can ask us any marketing questions'. We had fully intended to take advantage of this aspect of the agreement, but we weren't sure in practice how open you would be to it. It was therefore a very pleasant surprise to find not only that you were indeed true to your word, but that the impetus came from your side. Furthermore the substance was really great.” Jonathan Hinde
“Our Digital Lighthouse lead generation system alongside google adwords has been live for a week, we have spent £100 on adwords got 59 clicks, 7 leads and so far one customer who has invested £59,000 so the system has easily paid for itself in the first week"” Jimmy Crangle
“Excellent, very professional and helpful” Rob Mesrie
“Efficiently handled and is a relief to get this all done in one place, sorted.” Manong Lewis
“Excellent and highly recommended, implementation is the hardest part for most business owners” Karen Perks
“All seems so effortless allowing me to concentrate on running the business” Stephen Price
“I would recommend to small businesses selling direct to the consumer” Andrew Boothroyd
“Excellent and well delivered with a good understanding of our business, I have already recommended you” Jonathan Rees
“Excellent, working with Digital Lighthouse makes you look at your business in a different way, I already recommend you to others.” Lianne Muller
“I want to keep you as my own special secret!” Jeff Thorogood
“Completely lifts the fear of failure from bad marketing practices. I can now relax knowing that I have the Rolls Royce marketing plan in place. I can now feel confident about my future” David Richardson
“Extremely efficient, easy to do business with and deliver” Andy Acton
“Discussions were relaxed and friendly and I recommend the service due to professionalism, attention to detail and the prompt action taken.” Ian Johnston
“Excellent support and guidance through all stages” Linda Johnson
“The results have been pretty impressive and I have had many, many new leads into my business. Many more than I expected. Now I have started converting those leads into new customers I am very impressed with the results achieved.” Clive Mallard
“You are conscientious in your approach and serious about getting the right message out to the right people” Peter Haddon
“Investing in The Complete Digital Marketing System has been a turning point in our business. When we went live we couldn’t cope with the amount of leads and at the end of the first month we had taken over £100,000 and we can’t see it slowing down. All the staff at Digital Lighthouse have been wonderful” Andy James