What kind of business owner are you?

What kind of business owner are you?

They say good things come to those who wait but we all know that, really, that’s not the case. Good things come to those who work their socks off. So, this brings us to the question… what kind of business owner are you?

Do you go looking for new customers or do you prefer to wait for them to come to you?


If you don’t actively try to reach your prospects, if you don’t market your product/service, you’re essentially crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. Of course, you’ll still get business. After all, it only takes one happy customer to tell their friend and, you never know, they might become a customer too.

The truth is, though, relying on word of mouth and referrals will only ever get you so far.

If you want more customers (and what business owner doesn’t?), you’ve got to go looking for them. You need to be on top of your marketing, you need to try new things, and you need to find new ways of reaching new prospects.

So, why don’t most small businesses succeed with this?

Well, most business owners aren’t marketers. There’s also a lot of time and money that goes into getting your marketing right and, unless you have a whole marketing team behind you, it can be tricky.

Digital marketing has made things easier. Things like Facebook advertising, pre-roll adverts on YouTube, and LinkedIn advertising mean you can reach a specific audience who need your product or service with targeted adverts. Best of all, you don’t have to be tech pro to get started.

All it takes is a marketing strategy that works for your business.  One that focuses on what you’re trying to sell and who you’re trying to sell it to. Then all you have to do is package everything into something your prospects will engage with.