How to write Facebook posts that get noticed

facebook spot You don’t have to be a brilliant copywriter to write Facebook posts, you just need to know these 5 simple tips. You might even know some of them already…

  • Make them an extension of you and your business

Your Facebook posts should be an extension of you and your business so make sure they seem natural and unforced. The key to a good post is to keep it as informal as possible. When people are scrolling through their Facebook feed, they would prefer to see something that’s casual and relaxed, than formal and uptight. Of course, the level of informality depends entirely on your audience and the level that they will respond to – so do some research into what your audience likes.

  • Grab their attention

Did you know that video posts have the highest organic reach on Facebook? If you can upload videos or share videos with people, you’re more likely to grab their attention. You can also attach a unique image to posts wherever possible as these will help to catch people’s eye as they flick through their Facebook feed. Facebook’s advertising platform is also a great way of getting the attention of your target audience – especially when you consider the great targeting ability of Facebook adverts.


  • Stay present

There’s two sides to this; make sure you post regularly and make sure that what you’re posting is relevant. Some people refer to this as evergreen content – it basically means make sure that your content is going to stay relevant forever and can be engaged with by your target audience at any point.

If you’re posting things that have a ‘best by’ date on them, your reach is going to be limited. Of course, when you’re promoting an offer, this is unavoidable but do your best to make sure that you’re posting more ‘evergreen’ content than anything else.

  • Don’t forget to be emotional

We all know how well emotions sell… think about it, if somebody asked if you wanted to buy new trainers or if you were tired of your feet hurting after a run, which are you most likely to engage with? Most people would say the one that highlights how they feel.

Try and identify some of the key emotions that are associated with your target audience’s need for your product/service. Make a list and ensure that you thread them through your posts. If people can relate to the content you’re sharing, they’re more inclined to take the time to read/watch it.

  • Short and sweet

Keep your posts short and snappy – the shorter they are, the more engaged the readers tend to be. If your post features a call-to-action (which they should), make sure it’s clear. There’s no point getting somebody’s attention if you lose them because they didn’t know what the next step they should take was.

So, there you have it – 5 simple tips to writing Facebook posts that get noticed.

When used alongside your other marketing strategies, Facebook can be a really effective way of helping your business grow.

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