How to turn website visitors into paying customers

Discover how to turn website visitors into paying customers

If you’re tired of spending time and money driving traffic to your website, only to find you don’t get any conversions or have any way of following up with them, keep reading…

The best way to start turning visitors into paying customers is to start the relationship by offering them something free of charge, otherwise known as a lead magnet.

Offering a lead magnet works regardless of the industry you’re working in – from consultants to plumbers, B2B or B2C. It usually takes the form of a downloadable PDF and can have a number of angles, including:

  • How to solve a problem they’ve been facing
  • A checklist of things they should consider before making a purchase
  • A list of FAQ’s
  • A guide to using your product

Whatever your lead magnet may be – a guide, a report, or a checklist - you need to make sure it’s going to solve a problem your visitors will have and give them an incentive to enter their contact details. After all, that’s what you’re looking to get here.

Once you have their contact details, you can start to nurture a relationship and prove you know your stuff; that you are the company that can help them.

Let’s say you sell windows and doors… you could put together a lead magnet that tells your visitors how to save money when buying new windows/doors. Or you could tell them what to look for when buying them.

Or maybe you’re a consultant – in which case you could put together a list of simple things prospects can do to start saving time and money right now.

So why should you give it away for free?

Everybody loves a freebie - it’s as simple as that. So if you offer people something that’s going to help them in their buying process save money or time – for free - you can be sure people will want it.

And if the only thing standing in the way of them getting it is their name, email, and telephone number, they’re not going to think twice.

But if you were to ask them to pay money for it, you’d struggle to get anyone to fill it in.

If you want people to spend money with you, they need to know, like, and trust you. And that’s exactly what a lead magnet can help you achieve. You can start building that long-term relationship with people who would otherwise have been a nameless website visitor.