STEP 01. Your Marketing Strategy

Having video on your website is no longer an option, it’s a must – the internet has become a multi-media experience…

Your prospective customers expect to see video when they visit your website. A website without video is perceived as dull and outdated and will lose you customers.

Your initial meeting with our consultant will be a ‘Blue Sky’ session, to discuss your goals and different ways to use the FastTrack System. So when you sign up to work with us, you’ll have lots of ideas – but you won’t have a final strategy.

Some decisions still need to be made.

So, our first step in building the funnel is to hammer down the details and make sure we’re all firmly on the same page.

For this, we’ll arrange a Strategy Call, where you’ll spend an hour on the phone with a marketing consultant and copywriter.

Working together, you’ll get to map out every part of your funnel: the whole user experience, including key messages, offers and giveaways.

As you can imagine, this call is going to be revealing…

You’ll get to see exactly what we do at Digital Lighthouse to get 50% of visitors joining our mailing list. It’s a secret that we’ve only shared with clients like yourself – and we’ll show you how the same methods will work in your campaign.

For instance, we’ll be choosing an angle for your Lead Magnet…your free report…by looking at successful examples and picking out what works. You’ll see what motivates people to share their contact details, and how the right content can help to move a prospect towards the sale.

We’ll also help you choose an offer, for prospects who are ready to buy – looking at different types of offer, and the impact they’ll have on your business.

Plus, we’ll look at the main messages that will support the offer. Getting inside the mind of your customers, what are the major benefits…and what’s the pain that we can use, when it comes to writing your copy?

By the end of the call, we should have a finished strategy. So straight after, we can get to work and bring your funnel to life.


  • Explore proven angles for your Lead Magnet – and choose a title that works
  • Create a winning sales offer that meets your business goals
  • Identify the sales message that will resonate with your prospects

STEP 02. Two Step Landing Page Sequence

So, key decisions are made. Onto building the funnel – starting with a twin set of landing pages:

An Opt-In Page, to grab the visitor’s details…and an Offer Page, to tempt them into buying.


These pages are the bookends of your marketing funnel: the beginning and end of the process, with the prospect seeing different ads and emails in between.

Although…if the prospect is ready…the middle section can be skipped.

This is how it works:

The prospect lands on the Opt-In Page, where they’re offered the Lead Magnet. There’s nothing else on the page – just the offer and a sign-up box – so the only thing they can do is sign up or leave.

And we know from lengthy experience, a good number will choose to sign up.

When they do, they’re sent to the Offer Page, where you make an immediate pitch. For best results, this should be an offer that’s too good to refuse, to get the prospect into the habit of buying.

You can pitch for the big ticket sale later!

Some people will take up your offer, and this helps you in two ways. Firstly, it brings in instant revenue. And secondly, it ringfences the people who are in ‘buyer’ mode – so you can follow up with them and push for bigger orders, sooner.

Inevitably though, other prospects will ignore the offer. They’ll simply click away, thinking it’s too soon. But that’s fine – you’ve got their details, so you can follow up time and again.

That’s where your ads and emails come in…more on that to follow.

IMPORTANT: Your Landing Pages are not replacements for your website

They’re an extra presence online, with their own web addresses – each performing one specific role in your marketing strategy.

Your website still has its own role to play. Whether it’s a sales engine or just a reference point, it should work alongside your landing pages…not against them.


  • Design and build your Opt-In Page and Offer Page
  • Write the copy for both pages, to maximise response
  • Add video to both pages – see Step 3
  • Tie your Opt-In page to an Email Marketing System – see Step 5

STEP 03. Boosting Response Through Video

The short presentations that bring your landing pages to life

Over the years, we’ve tested different types of landing page – and we’ve found that video ‘punches up’ any page, in any sector.

It stands to reason – most people would sooner watch the film than read the book! So naturally, if the message in your copy is summed up in a video, you’ll get more people responding.


It works consistently.

However, there’s a right way…and a dozen different wrong ways!

For example, documentary style ‘About Us’ videos rarely work. Firstly, because they’re too general – they don’t focus the viewer on a single problem and solution. And secondly, because the ever-changing backgrounds are distracting.

So with video, it’s often a case of less is more.

A single presenter, on a plain white background, is the best formula by far. Across the industry, it’s been shown to boost response rates by 30% – simply because there are no distractions, and the TV-style setting gives the presenter a sense of authority.

So that’s the format we’ll use. We’ll shoot one video for your Opt-In Page, and another for your Offer Page. Fully scripted, and shot in full HD at our on-site studio.

Who should present your video?

When online video started, the web was awash with clips of business owners looking uncomfortable on camera! They sweated and stuttered under the lights, and didn’t inspire confidence.

Not because they didn’t know what they were talking about – but because they didn’t have the natural flair for presentation.

Most people don’t! So unless you’re a natural, we’d advise that you stay off camera. As a rule, we’ll get better results from a professional presenter: someone fully trained, who’s at home on screen and connects easily with the viewer.

We’ll arrange that. We have a pool of male and female presenters to choose from, so we’ll find someone who suits your image…who can speak to your target audience.


  • Script two videos: one for your Opt-In Page, one for the Offer Page
  • Choose a presenter who can build instant rapport with your customers
  • Shoot both videos in HD format: broadcast quality sound and vision
  • Upload the videos to your pages, so they play as soon as each page is loaded

STEP 04. Your Lead Magnet

The free report that reaches out and pulls in your target customers

The term ‘Lead Magnet’ says it all! It’s about the law of attraction: enticing your prospect with free information they can’t afford to ignore.

So when they visit your Opt-In page and see the benefits laid out, they’re compelled to give up their contact details.


It works like a charm.

However, most businesses get it wrong. If they bother to capture contact details, they’ll just add a sign-up box with an invitation to “Receive our free newsletter”. And that’s simply not enough.

Why? Because a newsletter is a vague promise. There’s no immediate pay-off…so in the prospect’s eyes, they’re being asked to give up their details before they understand the benefit!

Little wonder, then, that less than 1% of people sign up for newsletters.

If you want prospects to sign up in their droves, you need to offer something more targeted: a report that shows them how to solve one specific problem.

It could be a buyer’s guide, to help them make sense of their choices. Or a DIY guide, walking them through a few vital steps so that they can solve their problem alone. Both formats work well.

But there’s a caveat: your mission is to take the prospect to a point where they need you!

So if it’s a buyer’s guide, you answer some common questions and clear up some confusion, so the prospect is ready to buy.

Or, if it’s a DIY guide, you show them how to solve the problem that’s stopping them from buying…so they’re ready to come to you.

For example, think of a carpet retailer. Their buyer’s guide would look at different types of carpet, and issues like cleaning or wear and tear…to help their prospect find a type that suits their taste and lifestyle. Or, a DIY guide would show them how to save money by fitting the carpet themselves.

Either way, they’re moving their prospect closer to the sale.

We’ll explore these…and other angles…in more detail on your Strategy Call. Then once we’ve agreed a title and the content for your report, our creative team will produce it – ready for prospects to download.


  • Work with you to find an angle and title for your Lead Magnet
  • Agree the main points with you, drawing on your expertise
  • Write the report, then review it with you and agree any changes
  • Design a professional cover, and add it to your Offer Page

STEP 05. Your Email Marketing System

Following up, and steering prospects back to your Offer Page

Remember the landing page sequence? Prospects give up their details via the Opt-In Page, then immediately they’re sent to the Offer Page – where some will buy straight away.

But as we said earlier, that still leaves some who don’t feel ready to buy – yet. So we need to follow up with them…giving them more reasons to trust you, and more reasons to go ahead.


That’s where email comes in. We’ll hook you up to an email broadcast system, and build a 6-part auto responder: a sequence that fires out pre-written emails at set intervals.

This way, the customer keeps hearing from you, but you don’t have to get involved – the system does it all, while you’re busy with others tasks.

Your sequence might look something like this:

Day 1: The prospect signs up for your Lead Magnet. So within 10 minutes, they receive an email with a welcome note – plus a link to a page where the Lead Magnet can be downloaded.

Day 2: The prospect gets another email – this time, drawing on one of the Lead Magnet’s main lessons. To end, the email makes the offer and links to the Offer Page.

Day 4: Another email, this time with some extra information…and another chance to claim the offer.

Day 6: A different angle, like answering a common question or clearing up a myth – again, ending with an invitataion to the Offer Page.

Day 8: A reminder that time is running out – the offer is about to expire. Spell out the benefits in full, and offer the link again.

Day 10: The final email, stressing that the offer expires today. Focus on the pain of missing out, and end with one last call to action.

Of course, this is just illustration. When it comes to writing your sequence, the angles could be different – and the gaps between emails could be shorter or longer.

But generally, a sequence like this will strike the right balance: to build the relationship gently, while maximising your sales.


  • Map out a 6-part sequence with you, and agree the main points for each email
  • Write the 6 emails, then review the copy with you and agree any changes
  • Set up your email broadcast system, and link it to your Opt-In Page…so that contact details are instantly added to the back end
  • Upload the sequence so that each prospect receives emails at set intervals

STEP 06. Your Remarketing Campaign

Ads that give you chance after chance to bring lost visitors back

Maybe you know about Remarketing, and maybe you don’t.

If you do, you’ll know it’s the biggest marketing breakthrough of the last 10 years.


And if you don’t, you’ve still seen it in action – that much is almost certain. It’s there each time you visit a product page and click away…bombarding you with ads hours later, as you move around the web.

Basically, it’s a tracking system: a tool that tags your visitors, so you can follow them, show them ads and invite them to return.

And those ads show on all kinds of websites, through Google’s Display Network: everything from niche interest pages to national newspaper sites.

So what does it mean to you?
Well chances are, at least half the people who visit your Opt-In Page will leave without signing up. So we use Remarketing to bring them back – to give them a second chance to request your Lead Magnet.

And perhaps a third chance…or a fourth…or more. After all, it costs nothing to show the ads. You only pay when the prospect finally clicks through.

This has been a boom for the industry, and it will transform your campaign. Typically, if 4 out of 10 people join your list at the first time of asking, that figure can easily rise to 5 or 6 when we add Remarketing.

And the beauty is, the strategy is still widely ignored. Only a handful of your competitors will bother to use it. The rest won’t know how, or even why. So you can leap ahead…

“But why would someone go back?”

When Remarketing launched, it had its detractors: people who claimed that no-one would go back to a web page that they’d chosen to leave!

But we know, through extensive research…their fears were unfounded.

In reality, the visitor who leaves a web page is not saying “Never” – they’re only saying “Not today”. For any number of reasons.

It could be that they don’t feel ready. Or that something else came up. Or they ran out of time. Or their signal faded. Or their battery died. Or more.

You certainly can’t be sure they’re rejecting you out of hand! So it makes perfect sense to lure them back…and top up your response rate.


  • Set up your Remarketing Campaign with Google
  • Add a pixel to your Opt-In Page, to tag and follow each visitor
  • Write and design a package of 6 Remarketing Banners, to be displayed on sites belonging to Google’s Display Network

STEP 07. Your Go Live Strategy Session

The final step before you add the first traffic to your funnel

Once your system is built, there’s only one thing missing: traffic. You need a flood of visitors to your Opt-In Page, so they can enter the funnel as strangers and emerge as ready buyers.

Traffic, of course, is your department: we build the funnel, you feed it. But still, we want to make sure you’re ready to make this work.


So we’ll hold a one-to-one handover session, to walk you through your new system…and show you a host of different traffic methods you can use.

This is not a generic process. Our traffic specialists will produce a set of recommendations based on your industry, audience, goals and budget – fully bespoke.

For example, take Google Adwords. It’s easy to burn through cash by targeting the wrong keywords. In any sector, there are expensive search terms that won’t bring much success, and cheaper terms that will pay dividends. So we’ll show you the difference.

Or perhaps Adwords is wrong for you? Maybe you’re selling something new to the market, that no-one is searching for? If so, you’ll get more traffic from Facebook or LinkedIn – ad systems that let you target prospects by building up a profile.

Again, we’ll show you how to get started and refine your targeting, so you get the best return on your advertising spend.

Finally, we’ll look at offline methods. Many online marketers find that their best traffic comes through press ads, or direct mail – especially postcards.

So no stone is left unturned. We’ll run through all your best options, and make sure you’re ready to take the reins.

Then that’s it…your funnel goes live!

Managing Your Funnel

This session touches on more than traffic. We’re handing you the keys to your funnel, so we’ll be showing you how to manage a whole new marketing suite.

That includes a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of your email system, so you can add new emails and new offers at will. Plus, we’ll show you how to check the numbers, like conversion rates, so you can make an accurate forecast each time you plan a campaign.


  • Show you how to manage each system that makes up your funnel
  • Review your goals and recommend the best sources of traffic
  • Demystify your chosen ad system’s bidding and targeting tools
  • Make sure that you’re ready to launch, and send traffic into the funnel